Create a Productive Work-from-Home Environment: Clear Clutter and Make Space for Your Home Office at Quick Lock Storage in Keysville, VA

Published on 5/30/2023
As more people find themselves working from home, either full time or hybrid,  the need for extra space has become crucial. This may come as a surprise to you, but the average home contains a staggering 300,000 items, no wonder a lot of people feel they don't have the space to allow them to work from home.  Interestingly, while you may find that closets are overflowing with clothes and shoes, most individuals only utilize about 20% of their wardrobe regularly. If you're lacking storage areas and want to declutter your living space, Quick Lock Storage is here to help. Discover six effective tips to free up your apartment or house and create a more spacious and organized environment.

1.  Give Away Unwanted Items:

One man's trash is another man's treasure. Utilize platforms like to sell or give away your belongings. This online community allows you to post items for free without revealing your address. Simply request interested individuals to private message you. Additionally, consider donating items to organizations like the Salvation Army or veteran's associations, ensuring your belongings find a new home while supporting a good cause.

2.  Dispose of Unwanted Items:

When you can't find takers for certain items, it's time to consider disposal. Take a trip to the town dump and responsibly discard them. Alternatively, enlist the services of a local junk hauling company in Keysville to effortlessly remove unwanted items from your premises.

3.  Build a Storage Shed:

If you're up for a project, constructing a storage shed can provide additional space for your belongings. Building your shed allows customization to suit your specific storage needs. However, be mindful that certain items may not withstand extreme heat, so consider the materials and location of your shed carefully.

4.  Create an Office Space in a Shed:

Prefab sheds from reputable vendors like Tuff Shed are popular choices for individuals looking to set up a home office separate from their main living area. Installing an air conditioner ensures comfort during hot summer months, creating a conducive workspace away from distractions.

5.  Opt for Storage Pods:

Storage pods offer a convenient short-term storage solution. However, they can be visually unappealing and may experience high temperatures inside during summer. While they can be useful for quick organization, consider long-term storage options for a more aesthetic and reliable solution.

6.  Utilize a Self-Storage Unit:

When you need to temporarily clear space without parting with your belongings, a climate-controlled self-storage unit is a perfect choice. For instance, if your guest bedroom has become your office, consider self storage near me for storing furniture like bed frames and mattresses in a self-storage facility. By doing so, you'll gain extra floor and wall space, reducing the risk of accidental bumps or bruises. Self-storage units are also ideal for storing seasonal clothes, allowing you to access them when needed without cluttering your living space.

Quick Lock Storage in Keysville understands the importance of creating an organized and spacious living environment. By following these six organizational tips, you can declutter your apartment or house effectively. Whether you choose to give away, dispose of, build, or store your items, Quick Lock Storage offers secure self-storage units in Keysville, VA. Take advantage of our storage solutions to free up space, reduce clutter, and enjoy a more comfortable and organized living space.